This page contains everything you need to know to troubleshoot your 2FA problems on Liquid.

Move 2FA to a new device when you still have the old device (Google Authenticator)

1) Disable 2FA on your Liquid account. Here’s how:

2) Load the authenticator app of your choice on your new device. When you next login to Liquid you will be prompted to set up 2FA. Use your new device to proceed through 2FA setup. Here’s how to set up 2FA if you’re unsure.

Move 2FA to a new device when you still have the old device (Authy)

  1. Install the Authy app on your new device.

  2. In the Authy app on the new device, register the same phone number as you did previously.

  3. Follow the steps to complete registration (in-app).

  4. A Liquid secret key will automatically appear in the Authy app when registration is complete.

My 2FA codes are not working

Check the clock on your device. Make sure it is correct and is set to the correct time zone. An incorrect clock can cause codes to be out of sync.

I lost my Authenticator device or app

If you have saved the original QR code (or text code) when you first set up 2FA for your Liquid account, simply use your chosen 2FA device to scan that code again.

If you have lost the original code please contact our support team and they will be able to resolve the situation. For security purposes you will be asked to provide the following:

The process will require you to provide a selfie of you holding both your identity document and a handwritten note detailing your request. Please prepare these before you contact us.

Requirements for selfie:

  • Please use a light, neutral background.

  • Please look straight at the camera.

  • Selfie must be in color.

Requirements for identity document:

  • Identity document can be national ID, international passport or driving license.

  • Identity document must be original (not photocopied).

  • Identity document should be in characters of the Latin alphabet. Japan driving license is accepted.

  • Information on the document must be clearly visible.

Requirements for handwritten note:

  • Note must contain a reference to Liquid and time/date of your request, for example "LIQUID I want to disable 2FA 2019-MM-DD" (with today's date).

  • Note must be handwritten and original (not photocopied)

To avoid being locked out next time, please make sure to back up your secret codes.

Important Note

When you update 2FA, your Liquid account will enter a 72 hour cooling period. The cooling period is designed to protect Liquid clients from potential threats. Cooling periods prohibit users from:

  • Withdrawing funds

  • Resetting password

  • Changing email

  • Changing 2FA

Fiat and crypto deposits are still available within the cooling period.

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