How to move 2fA codes to a new device on Liquid Pro App?

If you have your existing 2FA device, please follow these steps:

1. Navigate to Security and Click the 2FA toggle

2. A popup warning message will appear. Click Continue

3. Input your Liquid account password and 2FA code generated (6-digit)

4. A popup message appears to confirm that you have successfully completed to remove your 2FA from your Liquid account.

Your 2FA will now indicate your 2FA status as disabled.

What happens if you don’t re-enable the 2FA?
The deposit screen will be hidden. You are required to re-enable 2FA to have the deposit screen to be available for you to view.

Important Note: Cooling Period
2FA update will have 72 hours cooling period.

The cooling period is due to a series of protocols and enhancements that are designed to protect Liquid clients from potential threats - both external & internal to the safety of the client assets. 

Cooling periods prohibit users:

  1. withdrawing funds

  2. password reset

  3. email changes

  4. 2FA changes

Fiat and crypto deposits are still available within the cooling period.

Consecutive updates in security settings are also restricted. For example, you cannot disable 2FA right after just having your password reset. You can only make a new update after 72 hours.

Cooling periods will also block withdrawal requests from being approved and processed for 3 days after any of the above security settings are updated.

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