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Liquid rollout maintenance has started and both Qryptos and Quoinex are now offline.

This process should take less than 24 hours. Once everything is complete, Liquid.com will be live.

Read the full FAQ about Liquid launch: http://bit.ly/2MI62G8 

Updates and announcements posted below in reverse chronological order

Update 3 1.34pm JST 5/9/18

During this public testing phase, deposits made to Liquid may not immediately be credited to customer balances & instead be credited later. Withdrawals are currently unavailable & will resume after official launch. Customers are advised to wait until official launch to trade.

Update 2: 11.15am JST 5/9/18

24 hours of maintenance has now been completed and we have entered the public testing phase of Liquid. Please await further announcements on the official launch of Liquid. The exchange and API may be periodically accessible during this final testing period.

Update 1: 1.44am JST 5/9/18

Liquid is entering final testing, some of which must be done in a live environment. Over the next few hours, the Liquid exchange and API may become available. Customers are advised to await further announcements in regards to the official Liquid launch.

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