Published on 10 Aug 2021

Good news! Liquid now supports EUR and JPY deposits via BLINC which allows faster, simpler and zero fee settlements for users with BCB and BLINC accounts.

Please follow the steps below to make a BLINC deposit:

Step 1: Connect with Liquid in the BCB Console

Log in to the BCB console. Find Liquid by inputting the correct ID as shown in the table, then click connect.


ID number





Step 2: Add your BLINC account in the Liquid GUI

Input the correct details in the corresponding fields. Please see the sample below for your reference.

Step 3: Make a transfer

Go to the BCB console and make a transfer to Liquid’s BLINC account.

Hooray! The deposit should reflect in your Liquid account in 30 seconds. You will also receive an email notification for the successful deposit.

Please note that it would take a few minutes for the first deposit to reflect as our team needs to approve your BLINC account and connect with you to enable smooth settlements. Next deposits can be done by simply transferring your EUR/JPY to our respective accounts and it will instantly show in your Liquid account. Please do not create deposit requests in the Liquid GUI.

Our team is only a message away. If you have any questions, just contact [email protected].

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