Published on 09 August 2021

What is happening with ETH and ERC20s deposit wallet addresses?

  • Liquid has changed the deposit wallet address from a smart contract to a vanilla deposit address. As part of the change, Liquid users' ETH and ERC20s deposit wallet addresses at Liquid are also updated with new wallet addresses.

What do users need to do?

  • Liquid users need to get the new address by logging into each wallet on the Deposit Wallet screen on the Liquid GUI or query for the address via API.

What happens if users send ETH and ERC20 to the “old” wallet address at Liquid?

  • The funds will be processed and transferred to the new wallet address, but users may experience a minor delay in receiving them.

  • Crypto sent to the “old” wallet address at Liquid will still be available for trading or withdrawing. Liquid’s world-class Blockchain Engineering team has extensively tested and ensured our user experience will be seamless during this change.

How long will Liquid support deposits to the old wallet address?

  • Liquid will support deposits to the old wallet address until 15 September 2021. After this period, it will no longer be available.

  • All deposits made after 15 September 2021 may incur a fee, and Liquid cannot guarantee the retrieval of the funds.

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