Updated on 6 July 2021

How to change my Liquid account email address

If you wish to change your Liquid account email address, you will have to contact [email protected] and provide the following information:

  1. Your current Liquid account email address.

  2. Selfie of you holding both your identity document and a handwritten note detailing your request.

Requirements for selfie:

  • Please use a light, neutral background.

  • Please look straight at the camera.

  • Selfie must be in color.

Requirements for identity document:

  • Identity document can be national ID, international passport, or driving license.

  • Identity document must be original (not photocopied).

  • Identity document should be in characters of the Latin alphabet. Japan driving license is accepted.

  • Information on the document must be clearly visible.

Requirements for handwritten note:

  • Note must contain a reference to Liquid and time/date of your request, for example: "LIQUID I want to change my email 2021-MM-DD".

  • Note must be handwritten and original (not photocopied).

Important Note:

When you change your email address, your Liquid account will enter a 72 hour cooling period. The cooling period is designed to protect Liquid clients from potential threats. Cooling periods prohibit users from:

  • Withdrawing funds

  • Resetting password

  • Changing email

  • Changing 2FA

Fiat and crypto deposits are still available within the cooling period.

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