Updated on 14 January 2022

Following any suspected security incident we recommend Liquid users take the following actions:

  • Change your password

  • Reset two-factor authentication (2FA), if previously enabled.

  • (if applicable) Reset API tokens

Instructions for protecting your Liquid account

1. (Mobile app users) Update to the latest version of Liquid Pro

Older mobile app versions may no longer be able to access Liquid services. Download the latest version from the Google Play store, and Apple App store

2. Sign-in to your Liquid account

Upon signing in you may be prompted to change your password and two-factor authentication.

2A. Change your password

Users are requested to change their Liquid account password.

2B. Update your two-factor authentication

If your account had 2FA enabled, you are requested to update your two-factor authentication by first resetting and then enabling two-factor authentication.

2C. Reset API tokens and restrict access by IP address

Replace any previously created API tokens. We strongly recommend enabling IP address whitelists.

3. Account secured!

After completing the above steps you will no longer be prompted to take action.

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