What is the Liquid Buy feature?

Interested to buy crypto? There’s no way faster or easier than Liquid Buy and Swap - use a Visa card from anywhere globally to buy supported tokens on Liquid now

How long does it take for my card payment to get processed and receive my crypto?

It should be instant buy/swaps if you don’t see your crypto in your Liquid balance, contact support with screenshots of your issue.

What are the minimum order sizes?

The minimums and maximums vary depending on currencies. As a general rule, minimums for cards are around $15 USD and for crypto-crypto around $2 USD.

What is the maximum for a Verified Account?

Approximately ~2,000 USD equivalent, but subject to change

Can I get a refund?

All transactions on Buy and Swap are non-refundable.

What cards can I use?

Only Visa at the moment, however, please note that QEX Visa does not support cards issued by Revolut

Can I use MasterCard?

YES. Mastercard is now available!! (For Selected Countries only)

Are their fees on Buy/Swap?

For Buy, there is a card conversion fee and crypto conversion fee.

What is the total card fees?

Total card fees are the Visa acquiring fees and FX fees.

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate is coming from the Liquid.com exchange + a spread that Liquid.com implements for risk and volatility.

Why isn’t the Token I am looking for support?

We haven’t enabled it yet, but we can bring it soon!

Can you support BTC/XRP?

You can try any combination of pairs on the Buy & Swap feature.

Why doesn’t my debit card/credit card work?

We are currently working to expand our coverage and support most countries.

Restrictions also apply to OFAC and FATF sanctioned countries. These lists are updated periodically. See the list of OFAC and FATF sanctioned countries here

Liquid Buy is not yet available to U.S. residents. However, U.S.-issued cards for non-U.S. residents are supported.

I used a VISA card in supported countries, why was it declined?

Please share your Name and Email and we will let solve your issue as soon as possible.

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