Trading fee: Maker and Taker fees

  • Maker: 0.05% if paid in QASH*; 0.10% if not paid in QASH*
  • Taker: 0.05% if paid in QASH*; 0.10% if not paid in QASH*

Trading fees apply to all spot, margin trading pairs, and Liquid Perpetual contracts.

  • The trading fees reflect a discount of 50% if fees are paid in QASH and the user has elected to pay trading fees in QASH by enabling the setting "Use QASH to pay fees" on their account page.
  • Trading fees incurred in QASH by virtue of QASH being the base currency of any [CCY] QASH pair are not eligible for the QASH trading fees to discount unless the "Use QASH to pay fees" setting has been enabled.

This discount is subject to change or withdrawal at Liquids discretion.

Funding Fee

Liquid is charging 0 fees for funding. Instead a perpetual swap occurs between users which depends on the ratio of open longs to open shorts. 

Read more about Swap Rate

Liquidation Fund

Liquidation Fund works as below:

  • User is liquidated at bankruptcy price (ie executed at a price such that his remaining margin is 0).
  • Any additional proceedings from the liquidation are booked on account of the Liquidation Fund. 
  • Any loss not covered with the bankruptcy price is paid by the Liquidation Fund.

Have questions about Perpetual Contracts and trading? Contact our Customer Support team now. 

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