No touch API withdrawals

You can request withdrawals using the Liquid API, unlocking the ability to operate fully automated trading systems, all without compromising security.

Unlock access to no-touch withdrawals via API in just three simple steps:

  1. Identify your IP address(es) to whitelist

  2. Create an API token with withdrawal permissions enabled

  3. Set up your withdrawals

Previously, users could only request withdrawals through the Liquid user interface. Our enhanced API offers support for submitting withdrawal requests without needing to login — and with peace of mind.

Please refer to our API documentation to get started. 

How do I request crypto API withdrawals? 

You will need to create an API token with withdrawal permissions enabled. As a safety precaution, the API token must be assigned one or more whitelisted IP addresses. 

IP address range whitelisting using CIDR notation is now supported to cater for cloud-based services, and for users who rely on dynamic IP addresses. 

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