Updated on 13 October 2021

We make it easy to withdraw fiat and crypto from your account so you can get your funds when you need them. Go here to know how to withdraw your funds from Liquid.

To know the minimum amount that you can withdraw from your Liquid account, please refer below:

What is the minimum amount of fiat that I can withdraw?

Firstly, to withdraw fiat from Liquid you have to be a verified user.

Minimum amounts for fiat withdrawal are as follows:

Note: Liquid withdrawal fee and bank processing fee will be deducted from your withdrawal amount.

What is the minimum amount of crypto that I can withdraw?

Please go to our website, navigate to Deposit & Withdrawal Fees to see the Withdrawal field. The minimum withdrawal amount is shown across each crypto in the table.

Important note:

8th October 2020: Users who have not fully verified their account will lose access to remaining services, including crypto withdrawals. For more information, please go here.

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