What is Stop Loss/ Take Profit?

Stop Loss and Take Profit (SL/TP) is a feature that can be found within all leverage-based trading features on Liquid (Margin, Infinity). 

SL/TP are prices that are defined for your Margin or Infinity positions as the market price points at which you want to collect your profit (Take Profit) or prevent further losses (Stop Loss) by automatically closing a position.

Previously on Liquid, you could only set your SL/TP after your position was created, which only happens after your order is filled. With our new feature, you can now set your SL/TP when you create your order. This improvement gives you more opportunities to maximize profits and minimize losses. 

What will happen to my partially filled, live order using SL/TP?

The partially filled order will still apply the SL/TP that has been set during order creation. You will not be able to edit your SL/TP on partially filled orders. Instead, you should cancel your partially filled order, and create a new order with your new SL/TP values.

What types of order can use stop loss and take profit?

SL/TP is supported by all orders types: Limit, Market, Stop and Trailing Stop.

Note: Take profit is executed as a limit order, Stop loss is executed as a market order.

How do I  set Take Profit and Stop Loss on the Order Form?

You will see new fields in the order form labeled "Stop Loss" and "Take Profit". Simply enter the price you want for trade when making your order. 

What are the advantages of Stop Loss/Take Profit?

  • Stop Loss can be set when creating an order, therefore limiting losses. 
  • A Take Profit order allows the user to maximize profit by exiting a trade as soon as the market is at a favorable price.
  • A Stop Loss order allows the user to limit risk on a trade that requires an exit plan. 

Is this available for API traders?

Yes, for more information please refer to API Developer Document.

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