There are no fees for withdrawals made in cryptocurrency. 

Withdrawal fees for fiat

We have migrated to a new banking partner, Far Eastern International Bank (FEIB). Bank details for SGD, AUD, EUR (non-SEPA) and USD deposits have changed. Please check the deposit screen for the new bank account instructions. 

JPY deposits and withdrawals for Liquid Global users will also be migrating to FEIB. Deposits and withdrawals of JPY via domestic Japan bank accounts will no longer be supported after the migration. More details will be announced at a later date.

Our updated fees are as follows:

*Fees for SEPA EUR withdrawals through made through UAB Mistertango are 5 EUR + 0.99 EUR payment processor fee per transaction (zero if the beneficiary account is held at UAB Mistertango).

Daily Withdrawal Limits are 30,000 USDe for individuals and 100,000 USDe for corporate accounts.

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