What is Liquid Tap? How is this different from Pusher?

Liquid Tap represents the future of real-time data distribution at Liquid.

Liquid Tap is a proprietary WebSocket service, purpose-built to deliver real-time data at scale. Tap is intended to be a “drop-in” replacement for Pusher, the current WebSocket service provider.

Market data access remains unchanged. By adopting the same authentication standard used by the REST API, Liquid Tap users also enjoy access to private data.

The Flow Products and Connectivity team at Quoine would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to Vinnie Falco and his excellent Boost Beast library.

Overview of Liquid’s API

Please refer to our API documentation, https://developers.liquid.com/

What benefits does Liquid Tap bring to me?

Improved access to real-time data of course:

  1. Low latency and low jitter. Liquid Tap is ideally suited for fast and slow clients, dynamically reacting to changing network conditions to eliminate lag and jitter.

  2. Data security and privacy made easy. Liquid Tap and the REST API follow the same authentication standard.

  3. Increased reliability. Distributed across multiple availability zones, Liquid Tap provides the level of resiliency professional API traders expect. Liquid Tap’s scalable, shared-nothing architecture, handles fast markets without breaking a sweat.

How do I start to use Liquid Tap?  How much work will this involve?

Please refer to our API documentation, https://developers.liquid.com/#liquid-tap

We provide “dependency free” Javascript and Python reference examples. Many more language bindings exist for Socket.IO and Pusher.

Will other language bindings become available in future? (Java, C#)

If you use a programming language which currently has no native support for Liquid Tap, please contact our customer champion team. 

Basic troubleshooting

I’m having an error when trying to subscribe to the private channel, how can I solve this?

Your client needs to send an authentication message as per the documentation on the developer site.

Who do I contact if I have issues?

You can report the issue to our Customer Champion through chat support at help.liquid.com.

If I exceed the limits, will I be restricted by Account, API Key, or IP Address?

Reduced limits are applied to unauthenticated connections. For improved service levels we strongly recommend subscribing with an authenticated Liquid Tap session.

Why are my WebSocket connections being dropped/disconnected?

Please enable Ping/Pong support to ensure connections are not reset after an idle timeout.

I'm using a third-party service/wrapper and it is not working. Can you help?

Please share feedback and suggestions with our Customer Champions through chat support at help.liquid.com

I need to access my Secret Key, but it displays "***". How do I retrieve this?

Please contact our customer champion team. Unfortunately Customer Champions are not able to help recover Secret Keys.

Could I get my limits increased, or some kind of dedicated stream/bandwidth?

Please contact our customer champion team.

My API Key has disappeared. Help!

Please refer to help center if you experience difficulties accessing your account, or report your issue to Customer Champions through chat support at help.liquid.com

Please share feedback and suggestions with our Customer Champions through chat support at help.liquid.com.

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