The funding currencies for the Gram Token Sale on Liquid are USD and USDC. However, with our Quick Exchange feature, you can quickly swap any of more than 20 assets for USD or USDC right there on the sale page.

Currently you can use the following assets in Quick Exchange: BTC, LTC, BCH, XMR, ZEC, DASH, ETH, MCO, NEO, QTUM, TPAY, USDC, ONT, USD, EUR, SGD, AUD, ENJ, QASH, XLM, CEL, XRP, XEM, HKD, TRX, ZCO, ETN, DENT, JPY, HOT. 

How to use Quick Exchange

We have integrated our Quick Exchange feature, normally found in the Liquid dashboard, into the Gram Token Sale page. 

To use Quick Exchange, you just need to:

  • Select the currency you’d like to pay with at the top. 
  • Choose USD or USDC to receive.
  • Enter the amount. 
  • Hit Quick Exchange. 

That’s it. 

Why use Quick Exchange? 

USD and USDC are the only two funding currencies in the Gram Token Sale. With Quick Exchange, we make it easy to swap multiple assets to acquire the funds you need to buy Gram tokens.  

How long does a Quick Exchange order take to complete? 

Your order will be processed instantly by Liquid. Once you have submitted the trade you will be able to see your token balance in your account. 

What are the fees for Quick Exchange? 

There is no set fee for Quick Exchange. Instead, Quick Exchange users will pay a premium on the spread between the two currencies to account for price movement and volatility. 

What else should i know about Quick Exchange?

  • Singapore-based users are temporarily restricted from using Quick Exchange.
  • you can only convert up to your free balance amount.

For more information about Quick Exchange, read the Quick Exchange guide

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