On Liquid Pro, you can do both spot trading and margin trading. You can read about the difference between a spot trading and margin trading. You should also understand the available order types before you start using Liquid Pro.

Liquid Infinity is Liquid's Bitcoin CFD trading feature, allowing traders to use up to 100x leverage.  

How to use Liquid Infinity Bitcoin CFD trading on Liquid Pro

Tap on Infinity on the app screen.

Tap on Cryptocurrency pairs on top of the app screen.

Use the search feature to find the trading pair you want. 

If you want to trade BTC, type BTC in the search box. Then you can head to transaction page by tapping on Long or Short.

There are 4 different order types. On Liquid Pro. The default is Market Order. You can choose from Limit, Market, Stop, or Trailing Stop.

Tap on Infinity on the top right side to set your Leverage and Funding Account.

Note: Leverage you can take depends on the size of your position. It will be automatically assign by the system. For more information, click here

Limit Price: Choose the desired price of entry for the short or long
Quantity: Input the size of your position in BTC, then tap the Review Your Order button.

Preview your order for one last time. Once you tap Place Short/Long Order, you can only edit or cancel the order providing it hasn't already been filled. 

You can then create another order or head back to the dashboard.

Edit Take Profit & Stop Loss

In the Infinity interface, scroll down to see your open positions.

Tap the position you want to edit.

You can edit Take Profit and Stop Loss by tapping the Edit button.

Tap Save & Apply.

Tap Yes to continue.

Close a position

Select the position you want to close.

Tap Close.

Choose how much you want to close. Tap Close Position and confirm to continue.

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