By default, Cross Margin is enabled. Users enable Isolated Margin on the order form panel at the right side of the Trading Dashboard.


Once you're logged in to Liquid, select Margin to go to Margin trading UI. The following steps also apply to Infinity.


Select your trading product by hovering the cursor on the top bar.


Below is a screenshot of the Order Form in Margin Trading mode, with Advanced Trading Options expanded.

  • Position: LONG (buying)
  • Order type: MARKET
  • Leverage: 2x
  • Mode: One-Direction
  • Funding account: USD 
  • Note: Trader will not be able to select their own funding currency when creating an isolated position. Users will only be given the option to use the quote currency. If a trader wants to open a short or long position with isolated margin in the BTC/USD exchange, they can only fund their position with USD. 

All these indicators can be customized to your liking.

Now let's say we want to open a 1 BTC long position at market price in BTC/USD product, leverage 5x, from funding account USD. That means we need to place a:

  • MARKET order type
  • Product BTC/USD (selected at STEP 2)
  • SHORT side
  • Quantity 1
  • Leverage 5x
  • Mode One-Direction or Two-Direction
  • Funding Acc. USD

Click on the “Cost” to see all the details of the order you're about to place. 

According to the screenshot above, by opening this position, you are borrowing 1 BTC to open the SHORT position. 

To open the position, click Open (Short) Position. The system will prompt you to confirm everything again. 


Click Submit Order to go through, or Dismiss to return.


You just opened a position! The position can be monitored in the Positions panel.

Expand the Columns drop-down menu to see all the indicators you may need. Filter through your positions using the Funding Account marker (USD) and Position status (Open/Closed).

Since we used a Market order to open the position in this article, the Orders panel on the left will also be populated.

You can hover your mouse to the pairs i.e BTCUSD to show your position details.


You can click on the margin to increase your margin. By adding additional margin to the position will increase the liquidation price for this short position. You cannot decrease your margin.

Note : Margin allocated to Isolated position must be greater than or equal to Initial Required Margin.



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