Please note that US-based bank accounts are not supported due to a number of regulations in the States. US-based bank account submissions will be declined. 

Aside from US-based banks, Please see the list of Blocked Bank countries with currency before initiating a fiat withdrawal:

If you have not withdrawn fiat from your Liquid account before, the system will prompt you to "create" (register) your bank account first. This is for Liquid to verify the source of funds it will receive and therefore comply with KYC/AML regulations and authorities. 


With Liquid Pro open, tap on the icon on the left. 


Tap Funds.


Tap on Withdraw.


Select the currency (FIAT) you want to deposit to your Liquid account from the drop-down menu right under the Withdrawals.

Make sure you choose the correct FIAT and that the FIAT you intend to deposit to Liquid is the same as the FIAT supported by Liquid.


Select a bank account from the drop-down list. You can also add a new one by clicking Manage (from drop-down list) and follow on-screen instructions.

Tap on Withdraw.

Enter the amount you are withdrawing. 

Available Amount is the remainder of your Total Balance of any one currency, after deducting:

  • Order margin (value of all unfilled live orders of the same currency).

  • Used margin of open positions that use this currency as funding.

  • Absolute value of all unrealized PNL.

Once this is done, enter your 2FA code and click Confirm.

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