Please note that US-based bank accounts are not supported. US-based bank account submissions will be declined, funds returned and fees deducted.

If you have not deposited fiat to your Liquid account before, the system will prompt you to "create" (register) your bank account first. This is for Liquid to verify the source of funds and comply with KYC/AML regulations and authorities. 


With Liquid Pro open, tap on Fund Your Account.


Select the fiat you want to deposit to your Liquid account from the drop-down menu under Deposit. 

Make sure you choose the correct fiat.


Select a bank account and enter the amount you plan to deposit. Tap Next to continue.


The following popup will provide a Deposit ID and our deposit bank account details. When you make the bank transaction use these details and remember to add the Deposit ID to payment instructions/details for verification. Failure to do so will result in a delay in crediting your Liquid account.

Once you have make the deposit, tap on I Sent The Bank Transfer.

If you require more time to make a deposit, tap on Close and send later. If the deposit is not make within 10 days, the funding request will be cancelled. An email will be send to notify you that the funding request has been cancelled.


  • Double-check our deposit bank account details (displayed by system after a Fund Request is created) before making the transaction.

  • Deposit IDs are unique. Please create a new Fund Request to get a new Deposit ID before each bank transaction.

  • Deposits made from a bank account that does not directly belong to you (the Liquid account owner) will be returned to sender. Any fee incurred will NOT be borne by Liquid.

  • Deposits should be made in the currency that you wish to fund your Liquid account. Each of our bank accounts is designed for one specific currency. Failure to do so might result in the conversion fee charged by the bank.

  • A Fund Request not approved after 10 days will be cancelled automatically.

  • UAB Mistertango does not support SWIFT transfers. SWIFT deposits made to this bank will be refunded automatically.

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