Account verification (KYC) on Liquid is optional. However several services, such as deposits and withdrawals in fiat currencies, require you to have a verified ("approved") Liquid account.

For information of document required for account verification (KYC), please refer to the article here.

With Liquid Pro open, tap on the icon on the left. 

Tap on Settings 

Tap on Profile & Verification

You can see your Profile and Profile Status : Not Verified. Tap on Get Verified

We will require an identity document, selfie and proof of address. Once you have these three things ready, click on Continue.

First up, ID Document. Read through the instructions and tap OK

Once your ID Document has been captured, tap on Looks Good. If the document is not clear, you can Try Again.

Now, time to take a selfie. Follow the instructions on the Take Selfie screen. 

Once your selfie has been taken, tap on Looks Good. If the selfie is not clear, you can Try Again.

Finally, capture the Proof of Address. Read through the instruction on Address, take the photo, and tap OK.

Once your Proof of Address has been taken, tap on Looks Good. If the Proof of Address is not clear, you can Try Again.

Now, you have completed all required ID Document, Selfie and Proof of Address. Tap on Send & Apply

Be patient while the verification files upload. 

You did it! Approval can take up to 24 - 48 hours for approval. Tap on Done to return to Profile.

You will see the Profile Status: Submitted. 

 If your verification is denied, you may contact our Customer Champions at for further information.

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