Reset 2-factor authentication (2FA) 

If you have saved the original QR code (or text code) when you first set up 2FA for your Liquid account, simply use your chosen 2FA device to scan that code again.

If you don't have this code, we will need to disable 2FA on your Liquid account so you can log in again and get 2FA set up once more.

The process will require you to provide a selfie of you holding both your identity document and a handwritten note detailing your request.

Requirements for selfie:

  • Please use a light, neutral background.
  • Please look straight at the camera.
  • Selfie must be in colour.

Requirements for identity document:

  • Identity document can be national ID, international passport, or driving license.
  • Identity document must be original (not photocopied).
  • Identity document should be in characters of the Latin alphabet. Japan driving license is accepted.
  • Information on the document must be clearly visible.

Requirements for handwritten note:

  • Note must contain a reference to Liquid and time/date of your request, for example LIQUID I want to disable 2FA 2019-MM-DD (with today's date).
  • Note must be handwritten and original (not photocopied)

To reset your 2FA, click the chat icon in the bottom right of your screen to talk to one of our Customer Champions now (you may need to disable ad-blocker first).

My 2-factor authentication (2FA) code doesn't work

This error happens most often when the date and time on your device does not completely sync with the global time.

Please go to Settings on your phone to check whether the date and time are set as "automatic". Then switch it to “manual" and update it correspondingly. Lastly, change the setting back to automatic again.

If you still experience the issue after completing the above steps, restart your phone and try again.

Android users can also use the Settings > Time Correction for Codes function on their Google Authenticator app (GA) to recalibrate.

Another common cause is that the 6-digit code you're getting from GA isn't meant for Liquid. The GA account should have an indicator of Liquid or Quoine, and should display your Liquid account email address partially.

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