We are proud to announce that XRP and BCH are now live on Liquid for margin trading and lending against a range of fiat currencies. 

XRP/JPY, XRP/USD, XRP/SGD and XRP/EUR are now available for margin trading on Liquid.

For Bitcoin Cash, margin traders can now trade BCH/JPY, BCH/USD and BCH/SGD. 

BTC and ETH pairs have been live for margin trading on Liquid since the exchange was launched in September. 

Liquid offers up to 25x leverage for margin trading along with highly liquid orderbooks. 

Find out more about margin trading on Liquid

Visit the Knowledge Center for more information about margin trading.

In addition, XRP and BCH can now be loaned to margin traders, risk free, for daily interest through the Liquid Lending app. 

Find out more about Lending on Liquid

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