At Quoine, we will always prioritize customer security. Please read this statement on the measures we have put in place to protect the assets of Liquid customers.


  • 100% cold wallet storage of customer assets
  • Multisignature technology for the authorization of BTC and BCH transactions
  • Whitelisting of withdrawal wallet addresses
  • No API withdrawals
  • 4-step withdrawal process:

    1. Request
    2. 2-factor authentication
    3. Email confirmation
    4. Withdrawals processed manually by approved team members in an offline environment


  • Crisis Management Committee led by CEO Mike Kayamori
  • Weekly security review by third-party company and twice-yearly review by external experts
  • Policy to only list currencies that can be stored in cold wallet
  • Mandatory implementation and use of 2-factor authentication to access a Liquid account
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