To find out the current amount of funds in your Liquid account, follow these simple steps.

There are two ways to check your balances on Liquid:

Liquid Vision

Liquid Vision gives you full visibility of your portfolio from one dashboard.

  1. Log in and visit Dashboard, or head straight to

  2. Here you can view all balances and choose how to interact with your funds, all in one place.

Balances tab

We also have another way for you to check your full account balance.

Here's how:

  1. Hover over Funds, while logged in, at the top right of the page and click Balances from the drop-down menu.

    2. Once in the Balances dashboard, the balances of all assets in your account are broken down as follows:

  • Available Amount: The amount of free balance of an asset that you can use on Liquid. 

  • In Orders: The amount of an asset currently in live orders.

  • Balance: The total balance of that asset (Available Amount + In Orders).

  • % Gain: Change in price of that particular asset over past 24 hours. 

    3. Selecting "show zero balance wallets" will show assets of which you hold no balance, for your reference. 

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