To see your authentic, not estimated balance for each token, you need to look at the Available Amount column. For example with the screenshot above, the account is having:

  • 0.01644570 BTC
  • 0.04156066 ETH
  • 21.816 USD
  • 57.49 JPY
  • 0.00010842 BCH
  • 0.03 SGD

Another example:

This account has:

  • 0.00001142 BTC
  • 70.959 TPAY

Note that it says $0.000 under the TPAY available balance. This does not mean that you have zero TPAY. You still have 70.959 TPAY. The US dollar number underneath is an estimation calculated with Liquid market price. If the market has no activity or isn't available for trading (i.e. disabled), the estimated number will be zero.

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