If you're a holder of QASH you can get 50% off your trading fees on Liquid.

Standard trading fees

Currently, our standard trading fees for Liquid spot and margin trading are 0.1% for both maker and taker.

On Liquid, standard practice is to pay fees in the currency you are using when making a trade. For example: If you are buying BTC in the BTC/USD market, you'll be paying your fees in BTC. 

How to get a 50% discount on fees

You are eligible for a 50% discount on your trading fees when you choose to pay your fees in QASH, the token of the Liquid exchange. 

Here's how:

  1. Buy QASH from one of the QASH markets, such as QASH/BTC, QASH/ETH or QASH/USD.

  2. Navigate to Application Settings by hovering over your avatar at the top-right of the Liquid dashboard.

3. Under Trading Fee Preferences, turn on the option to use QASH to pay for your fees. 

You'll now pay all your fees in QASH at a rate of just 0.05% for both maker and taker trades – a 50% discount.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact our Customer Support team.

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