Lend out your crypto or fiat to earn daily interest on loans taken by margin traders.

The loans generate interest for as long as the trades are open. All funds are returned to the lender once the trades to which they are tied are closed.

Select the currency you want to lend and then click "Create an offer". Adjust the interest rate and specify the amount of currency for the loan.

When an offer is taken, it becomes a loan and is displayed under the Loans tab. The amount of this offer is deducted from the lender's balance.

Check "Auto Re-loan" if you want the loan to become a loan offer again once it is paid back to you. Uncheck this if you want the loan to simply return to your balance instead.

The "Interest Payment Fee" is 50% of the interest earned, to be collected by Liquid from the lender whenever interest is credited. 

Lending can be found in the top menu on Liquid. 

Read the full Lending Terms of Use.

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