This guide will walk you through the simple steps to making your first Market order.

Market order is the quickest way to buy or sell your cryptocurrency and tokens. Once received by system, a Market order is matched and filled right away, as long as there are buyers and sellers on the Order Book.

Using a Market order to trade, means you accept to trade at the current market price.

Get started with Market orders

Follow these steps to make a Market order:

  1. Log in and navigate to the Order Form in your chose market.

  2. You will see four options: Limit, Market, Stop and Trailing Stop. Select Market.

Below is a screenshot of the Order Form with Market order selected on the BTC/USD pair. 

You are required to specify the quantity of BTC you're buying or selling. Cost and fees will be estimated accordingly.

  3. Click Place Buy Order. You will then be prompted to review and confirm the details of your order again before your order is executed.

  4. Click Submit Order to confirm your order, or Dismiss to go back and change any details if needed.

If you have any problems with using Market Order, please contact Customer Support.

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