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Limit Order is the default option of the Order Form in both spot trading and margin trading modes (Isolated Margin, Cross Margin, Liquid Infinity). This is to prevent slippage that is often caused by big market orders.

Below is a screenshot of the Order Form for a buy Limit order, in BTC/USD pair. Funding currency in this case is USD by default.

You will need to specify:

  • Price: the most inconvenient price at which you're willing to trade BTC (limit price)
  • Quantity: how much BTC you want to trade

For example, this screenshot means you're buying BTC at $6600 and no higher. If market price is higher than $6600, system won't execute your order.

This screenshot means you're selling BTC at $7000 and no lower. If market price is lower than $7000, system won't execute your order.

For a Limit order to work like it's supposed to, the Limit price has to be:

  • lower than market price if you're buying.
  • higher than market price if you're selling.

If you try to place a Limit order the other way around, this warning happens.

System will also estimate Cost and Fee for you. Click their Indicators to expand the content. Note that these numbers are just estimation and correspond with the specs of your order.

Once you decide on a Price and a Quantity of your Limit order, you can click Place Order. System will prompt you to review and confirm the details of your order again before actually sending it to the Order Book.

Click Submit Order to confirm and go through with your order, or Dismiss to go back and change some details.

Some other things you might want to know

Market price

Market price is reflected in real time on Liquid in the Order Book panel.

Learn more with our Help Center article: Order Book & Ask vs Bid

25% - 50% - 75% - MAX

These shortcuts allow you to quickly choose to buy or sell 25% / 50% / 75% or all (MAX) of your balance in a currency account. 

Free Balance

Free Balance indicates how much of your balance is available for trading or withdrawals. In this example, 0.221 USD is the Free Balance and the maximum value of any buy order placed from this account.

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