Updated on 2 Aug 2021

The following guide will provide everything you need to begin your spot trading journey on Liquid.

There are two main types of trading on Liquid: spot trading and margin trading.

  1. Margin trading is trading on leverage and is recommended only for experienced traders.

  2. Spot trading is beginner-friendly trading and allows users to buy and sell crypto in a market. 

How to make a spot trade

It's easy to make a spot trade on Liquid.

Follow these steps to get started:

1. Navigate to Spot Trading by hovering over Trade in the top menu and clicking Spot Trading.

2. Choose the pairing you would like to trade from the drop-down menu. 

For example, if you want to buy BTC with USD, click BTC/USD. 

3. Take a look at the order book (located in the middle of the dashboard) to determine the price at which other traders are willing to buy and sell your chosen pairing.

4. Once you have decided on the move you will take, place a buy or sell order in the order form on the right. Simply enter: price, quantity and then click Confirm to finalize your order. 

This video takes you through the process of placing an order on Liquid:

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