"Insufficient balance" error

When you see this error message, you will need to review your available balance. Available Balance is the remaining of your Total Balance of one currency, after deducting:

  • Order margin (value of all unfilled live orders of the same currency)

  • Used margin of open positions that uses this currency as funding

  • Absolute value of all unrealized PNL

"Issue with your account" error

This error message is returned when system detects an issue with your balance. Please submit the withdrawal request again after 1 hour. If you still get the same error, let us know

"Recent change in security setting" error

Your account is under Cooling Period: Please wait until the Cooling Period is completed, then resubmit the withdrawal request.

The cooling period is due to a series of protocols and enhancements that are designed to protect Liquid clients from potential threats - both external & internal to the safety of client's assets. Cooling periods prohibit users from withdrawing funds right after updating an account security setting.

Consecutive updates in security settings are also restricted. For example, you cannot disable 2FA right after just having your password reset. 

Cooling periods will also block withdrawal requests from being approved and processed for 3 days after any of the above security settings is updated.


My withdrawal request is still pending/processing after 24 hours. There are two possible causes:

  • There may be a technical issue with the withdrawal service. Tech team is aware and already working on it. We will attempt to process until you receive the fund. Alert us at [email protected] or contact us through live chat

  • Your trading activities have been flagged and require our investigation. Support team will reach out to you regarding the issue.

Withdrawal request is "succeeded" and fund is already deducted, but there's no hash.

If there's no hash, it means the withdrawal processing is not completed yet. Your withdrawal request is being worked on and will be broadcast to the blockchain within the day if there are no technical issues. Once it is broadcast to the blockchain, you will see a hash.

Generated transaction hash is invalid.

This means there was a technical issue with our withdrawal service of that token. Let us know right away at [email protected] or through live chat. 


JPY withdrawals to non-Japan bank accounts

We do not support JPY withdrawals to non-Japan bank accounts at the moment. The beneficiary bank account must be located in Japan in order to receive JPY transactions.

Third party payment transfers

Third party payment transfers are not supported on Liquid. Deposits made from third party bank accounts (i.e. bank accounts that are not associated with you directly) will be returned back to sender. Withdrawal requests to third party bank accounts will not be processed.

Withdrawal request is processed but the fund hasn't arrived to my bank account.

A fiat withdrawal request is marked as "processed" when its bank instructions are completed at Liquid's banks. From there, it will take 3-7 working days for the fund to arrive to your bank account, depending on the transaction route and processing speed of the banks involved.

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