Liquid processes withdrawal requests (crypto & fiat) from Monday to Friday. Fiat withdrawals in particular follow Japanese bank holiday schedule. Please keep track of these holidays and time your trading accordingly.

Crypto withdrawal requests (excluding BTC,ETH and LTC) initiated from user-side by 03:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) will be approved, processed, and broadcast to blockchains by 15:00 UTC the same day. 

ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, various ERC-20 and TPAY withdrawals will be processed on all days, including weekends and holidays, much more frequently than other crypto withdrawals. 

Fiat withdrawal requests initiated from user-side by 03:00 UTC will be bank instructed within 3 working days from date of request.

Sometimes, your withdrawal can be slightly delayed or halted, due to security checks and technical issues.

Why do we take so long in processing withdrawals compared to other exchanges?

We are aware that crypto price movements are active at a break-neck speed, and near-instant transactions from one place to another is preferred by a large part of the crypto community. However, we prioritize security above all else, which can introduce slightly longer withdrawal times. 

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