Updated on 22 March 2022

For security, new crypto withdrawal addresses need to be whitelisted before funds can be withdrawn to it.

Please follow the simple steps below to whitelist your withdrawal address.

If this is your first time to withdraw the asset or if there is no saved withdrawal address, click Get Started.

Step 1

Click the + icon, or Add New Address in the dropdown. You can also go to Manage address to add the recipient wallet.

Step 2

Name or label the wallet and input the address. Make sure to choose the correct network.

You can also add a FIO Address. Toggle the Use FIO Address slider and input the address. Go here to know more about withdrawing to FIO Addresses.

Input the Memo when the recipient wallet requires it. Failure to do so may result to loss of your funds.

Step 3

Review the details to make sure that all are correct. Input the 2FA code, then click Add Address.

Step 4

You will receive an email containing the Confirmation Token. Input the token, then click Confirm Address.

That's it! You can now withdraw your cryptocurrency to the address.

Need help with your crypto withdrawal? Contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

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