Fiat deposit

My bank account is still pending.

You can initiate Fund Requests and deposits with a “pending” bank account. Just make sure that you are not sending funds to Liquid from someone else’s bank account.

Due to KYC/AML regulations, we only support bank accounts that are under your name. Deposits made from bank accounts that do not share the name with their Liquid accounts will be returned to original sender. All subsequent bank fees will be borne by original sender.

My deposit is taking too long to arrive.

For USD, AUD, and SGD deposits, we use Swapforex which is a third party payment processor. This fact, along with the nature of the bank transaction (international or local) and the route of the transaction (if it's going through any intermediary) can affect the speed of your deposit. Lack of deposit ID in payment details/instructions can also cause delay.

For SEPA EUR deposits to UAB Mistertango, we have an automation in place that will catch and credit your fund within an hour, providing that payment details include an accurate Deposit ID and sender's name matches with Liquid account name. If your SEPA EUR deposit to this bank is taking more than 24 hours to be credited, let us know at [email protected] 

UAB MIstertango does not support SWIFT transfers ( SWIFT deposits made to this bank will be refunded automatically.


Banking details for SGD deposits on Liquid have changed. 

Effectively immediately, please use the following bank details to deposit SGD to Liquid:

  • Name: Swapforex Limited
  • Bank: Bank BGZ BNP Paribas S.A.
  • Branch: Kasprzaka 10-16 Warsaw 01-211 Poland
  • Account number: 34 1750 0009 0000 0000 3983 6025
  • IBAN: PL34 1750 0009 0000 0000 3983 6025

While deposits made to DBS Bank will be accepted up to March 31, unexpected delays may result in the transfer being rejected.

FAST deposits for SGD will no longer be supported from April 1. Only SWIFT deposits and withdrawals for SGD will be available on Liquid. 

SWIFT deposits and withdrawals may be subject to additional fees charged by your bank. Please contact your bank should you require further information about such charges.

The 35.25 USD charge by Swapforex to process withdrawals remains unchanged.


The Fund Request meant for my deposit is cancelled.

A Fund Request left un-approved for 10 days from its creation will be cancelled automatically by system. Once cancelled, it cannot be approved or recovered, and will lead to delays on verifying your deposit. It is highly recommended that you make the bank transaction right after creating a Fund Request.

The amount credited to my Liquid account is less than what I originally deposited.

Liquid does not charge fees for incoming fiat deposits. We credit to our customers what we receive from our banks and payment processors. If your deposit is not the full amount when credited to your Liquid account, the difference is always bank fee. This can include transaction fee, conversion fee, and intermediary fee.

The deposit accounts associated with Swapforex that are displayed on our dashboard have been set in their own currencies (USD, SGD, AUD, EUR). There's no need to convert your fund to local currency before sending.

Crypto deposit

My deposit is taking a while.

In normal network conditions (no congestion or fee surge), a crypto deposit will be credited to your account 30-60 minutes after transfer time. System credits crypto deposits to user accounts after the following number of confirmations:

  • ETH, ETC, XRP, XLM, all ERC20 tokens: 50

If a transaction has more confirmations than the numbers above indicate and is still not credited to your account, please alert us at [email protected].

I forgot to add Memo ID / Payment ID / Destination Tag to my deposit.

For certain tokens such as XRP, XLM, and ETN, the Memo ID / Payment ID / Destination Tag works as a Liquid account indicator and is required in order for your deposit to be credited to your account. Failure to include these indicators in transacting will result in the loss of your deposit.

I deposited a token while its deposit service is being disabled by Liquid.

Tokens that are going through token swap or hard fork on Liquid will be unavailable for deposits/withdrawals until the upgrade is completed. Deposits made during this period are not guaranteed to be retrieved, and will be treated on a best-effort and case-by-case basis.

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