Liquid supports a number of fiat currencies that can be deposited and withdrawn straight to and from your bank account.

The deposit process is simple. We'll guide you through the steps. 

Follow these steps to deposit fiat:

  1. Click Deposits at the top right of your dashboard.

2. Select the fiat currency you would like to deposit, from the menu.

3. If this is your first time making a deposit, click Get Started to add your bank account details. 

4. Once you've added a bank account, we will then ask you to create a funding request.

Confirm your bank account from the drop-down menu and input the amount of fiat you want to deposit.

There is a space for  any notes that needed to be added to the deposit transaction.

5. A menu will then be displayed showing your unique Deposit ID and the bank account details to send your deposit to.

When making  the bank transaction using the shown details, it is important to add the Deposit ID to the payment instructions/details for verification.

Failure to do so will result in a delay of receiving your deposit.

Here are a few tips to make sure your deposit runs smoothly

  • When making a deposit, double-check our deposit bank account details (displayed after a Fund Request is created) before making the transaction.

  • Transferwise is not a supported payment vendor, if used you will need to recall the funds through them

  • Deposit IDs are unique. Please create a new Fund Request to receive a new Deposit ID before each bank transaction.

  • Deposits made from a bank account that does not directly belong to you (the Liquid account owner) will be returned to sender. Any fees incurred will NOT be paid for by Liquid.

  • Deposits should be made in the currency that you require to fund your Liquid account. Each of our bank accounts is designed for one specific currency. Failure to send the correct currency might result in a conversion fee, charged by both banks.

  • If a Fund Request is not approved for 10 days, it will be cancelled automatically by our system.

  • For EUR deposit, kindly follow the detail display on the screen. [EUR (SEPA) via Swapforex] or [EUR (SWIFT) via FEIB]

Need help depositing fiat? Contact our Customer Support team any time. 

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