Once you have your Liquid account set up, including 2FA, you are able to deposit crypto (or fiat if you're verified).

If you have crypto in a wallet or on another exchange, you can deposit crypto straight to Liquid for trading, lending or taking part in IEOs. Crypto deposits are easy and take no time at all.

How to make a crypto deposit?

Here we will walk you through the steps needed to deposit cryptocurrency in to your Liquid account.

Click Deposits in the top right of your dashboard.  

Select the crypto you want to deposit. 

You can either copy the address or use the corresponding QR code.

Use this address to send funds from your wallet or other exchange account to Liquid. 

Some assets may also have a memo ID.

That's it! 

Pro tip: Make sure you double check you are sending  funds to the correct address. We cannot retrieve funds if you send assets to the wrong address. For example, only send BTC to your BTC address, not BCH or any other token. 

Need help with your deposit? Reach out to our Customer Support team. 

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