Updated on 22 March 2022

To access the products and features on Liquid, you only need a Verified Account. However, having a fully Verified Account will allow you to enjoy full access to everything on offer at Liquid, including fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Verification is easy, you just need to submit a few documents, and we will help you through the process.

Go here to know which Liquid features and functions you can use based on your account status.

How do I verify my account?

Please follow the steps below.

Step 1. Sign up and confirm your email address.

You can use a referral link or input the referral code to get awesome discounts when signing up.

Step 2. Upload your selfie and proof of identity.

  1. Sign-in to your Liquid account.

  2. There are two ways to begin uploading your documents.

    1. You can click the Verify your identity tab on the Liquid dashboard.

    2. Or you can hover over your avatar at the top right of the Liquid dashboard and click Verification.

  3. Click the Verify Identity button.

  4. Upload your selfie by dragging it into the box or by clicking the box to browse and upload it from your computer. Click Next.

  5. Select your nationality in the dropdown, and upload your government issued ID. Click the Submit button.

Your selfie and ID will be processed for system validation and you will be prompted to resubmit or proceed to Step 3.

Completing Step 2 allows you to deposit, trade and withdraw crypto at Liquid to a maximum of 1,000 USD equivalent within 30 days from the time your account was created.

To fully access the features at Liquid including fiat deposits and withdrawals, please complete Step 3.

Step 3. Upload your proof of address and answer a quick survey.

  1. You can upload your proof of address when prompted after Step 2, or by clicking the Verify Address button in the Verification tab.

  2. Drag the file into the box or click the box to browse and upload it from your computer. Then click Submit.

  3. Answer the quick survey, and click Submit.

Your document will be reviewed and you will receive an email notification about your verification status.

Completing Step 3 allows you to get an unlimited amount of deposit and withdraw up to 20,000 USD equivalent per day.

Please note that all of Liquid's screening processes adhere to the strictest security standards. This is to ensure your data is always protected. Accounts that are not approved immediately will be flagged and dealt with manually by our Customer Support team who will be in touch via email.

For added convenience, we also offer verification over video calls.

KYC Documents Guideline

You will have to submit the following:

It can be scans or clear photos, and the accepted formats are BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG, PDF, TIF, and TIFF.

If you are taking photos, please note:

  • We need clear photos of the entire document.

  • Make sure that the images are clear and not blurred and there are no reflections or glare.

  • Take your photos directly above the document while they are on a flat surface.

  • Don’t obstruct the documents in any way with fingers or thumbs.

  • Don’t use Photoshop or other editing software; do not alter the documents in any way.

  • Do not crop the images; try to have margins on all sides.

  • Use colour images only and no lower than 200 DPI.

Why is Liquid asking for more information?

Liquid is in the process of applying for a license under Singapore's Payment Services Act (PSA) for the provision of Digital Payment Token (DPT) services. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) requires all licensees to comply with strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) practices. The required documents are used to better protect the interests of our global user community.


To make sure it's really you verifying on Liquid, we need you to take a selfie. We only need to see your face for this.

Selfie DOs:

Selfie DON'Ts

  • Take a selfie to help our system verify your identity using facial recognition.

  • Make sure you take a clear, straight-on headshot, with no reflections or shadows, for the tool to work properly.

  • Take a color photo.

  • Hold your camera steady.

  • Wear a shirt!

  • Don't wear sunglasses or a hat or anything that can obscure your face.

  • Don't crop the image or use image editing software.

  • Don't use flash.

  • Don't take your photo with a colored or noisy background.

  • Don't hold a passport or note in the Selfie image, your headshot is sufficient.

  • Don't use a studio or cropped photo

Government-issued ID

  • We accept passports, national ID cards, VISA for legal stay, and driving license.

  • The Government ID should show your nationality, ID number and date of birth.

  • It should be valid within the next 6 months.

Proof of address

We accept any bills or documents that are issued by a financial institution, utility company, government agency or judicial authority. These include:

  • Government ID with an address on it and valid within the next 3 months (except passports)

  • Bank statement

    • Credit card statements

    • Mortgage loan statements

    • Account statements

  • Bank certificates

  • Utility certificates

  • Utility bills

    • Electricity

    • Water

    • Gas

    • Broadband (fixed)

  • Phone bills (fixed)

  • Annual income tax statement issued within the last 12 months

  • Others which are subject for approval


  • Your name on the document must also match the legal name (first/given name and the family name) that you have registered on the Liquid platform and on your proof of identity.

  • The document must be in English.

  • It must not be more than three months old.

  • Handwritten documents are not accepted.

Need help? Our Customer Support team is available 24/7.

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