Liquid maintains a list of unsupported countries in accordance with its internal AML/KYC policies that take guidance from global ML/TF bodies such as FATF as well as sanction lists published by relevant regulatory bodies such as OFAC and MAS. Currently, Liquid supports all countries except the following:

  1. Albania

  2. American Samoa

  3. Barbados

  4. Botswana

  5. Cambodia

  6. Cuba

  7. Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

  8. Democratic Republic of the Congo

  9. Ghana

  10. Guam

  11. Iran

  12. Jamaica

  13. Mauritius

  14. Mongolia

  15. Myanmar

  16. Nicaragua

  17. Northern Mariana Islands (MP)

  18. Pakistan

  19. Panama

  20. Puerto Rico

  21. Somalia

  22. South Sudan

  23. Sudan

  24. Syria

  25. Uganda

  26. United States

  27. Virgin islands

  28. Yemen

  29. Zimbabwe

This list is updated from time to time in accordance with Liquid's AML/KYC policies. If your account has been affected due to changes in the unsupported country list, please contact our Customer Champions at [email protected] for assistance.

I am living in the USA, can I use Liquid?

Customers residing in the United States are currently unable to sign up for a Liquid account, meaning that US residents will be restricted from the exchange and all of its services. This includes an individual who is a resident of, or a corporate user that is established, incorporated or domiciled in the US.

For more information, please refer to the article Offboarding of US residents from Liquid.

I am living in Japan, can I use Liquid?

Customers residing in Japan only have access to currency pairs and services that are approved by the Japan Financial Services Agency.

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