Why we are changing the QASH token to Liquid

We will soon merge our exchanges and rebrand our entire service as Liquid. This means the blockchain and the QASH token are going to be renamed. Our aim is to create a truly unified platform and as such, we need to give QASH a new name. The QASH token will become the Liquid token (exact ticker to be confirmed).

We are very excited to have consistent branding across the board. The timing of the rebrand will be around the launch of the Liquid platform. Additionally, the future QASH blockchain will henceforth be known as the Liquid Distributed Ledger, or LDL.


The rebrand to the Liquid token will be the first step. That will simply mean we make some changes to the ERC-20 smart contract. This should happen around the time of the launch of the Liquid platform. An alpha of the LDL is expected to be released within the next few months, with a beta to follow later on.

The next step will then be the full mainnet release of the LDL, at which point there will be a token swap. You will be notified well in advance of the plans for the token swap. We will endeavor to make the token swap as painless as possible for all QASH holders, wherever you may store your tokens.

Post-rebrand QASH

For the initial change in the ERC-20 smart contract, we will make the transition on our own exchange from QASH to the Liquid token. We will also inform and work with other exchanges to help facilitate the transition. Some exchanges may continue to use the QASH ticker and symbol for a while, but this will represent the same token as the Liquid token.

Eventually all references to QASH will be replaced by the new symbol and ticker. In the future, with the launch of the mainnet, there will be a token swap, and the process for this will be revealed in due course.

The Liquid token will remain as an ERC-20 smart contract for some time while we continue development of the LDL. In due course we will release an alpha and then a beta version. When the time is right, we will make this open source and decouple the LDL from QUOINE the company.

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