We at QUOINE are proud to announce the opening of the first chapter of our World Book.

The Internal World Book Beta rolling out on QRYPTOS and QUOINEX for limited currencies. This marks the culmination of countless hours of work expended by the team to reach this milestone. We thank our community for your patience as we worked round the clock to get this done. This is the first major step on our journey towards the full World Book and LIQUID platform, which we will launch mid-year. The wait will be worth it.

Our vision is to provide universal access to financial services for everyone. By pooling liquidity and harnessing the power of our groundbreaking technology through our World Book, we will work with our partners to open up the crypto space to all, in particular those in underserved markets for whom crypto has previously been inaccessible. We will also bring much-needed stability to the sector and pave the way for banks and financial institutions to enter the crypto economy. The realisation of this vision is the distribution and democratization of finance for all.

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